Welcome to Coiled Connection Community

A FREE safe space and resource to learn & grow through your hair/skin journey.

Why Was This Community Created?

The Coiled Connection Community was created to uplift, educate, and encourage coily-haired peeps as we discover the beauty of our various curls, kinks & coils. 

Who is The Community For?

This is a safe space for those who want to:

💜learn to manage and fall in love with their hair/skin.

💜let go of the stigma impressed upon our hair.

💜become comfortable with your hair/skin and love it for what it is.

 Do any of these apply to you??

What to expect in this community

  • Tips, advice, & education about hair care practices
  • Group encouragement and support
  • Wash day motivation
  • Weekly discussion about stigmas, misconceptions, and new practices regarding hair/skin care.

What is the focus of this community?

Our focus is to create a safe space that is





and switches the narrative and perspective of our hair/skin.